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Pot broaching machine

Model:TS55 Series

Products Time:2019-07-24


Pot broaching machine

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Detailed introduction

    The cylindrical broaching machine is mainly designed for external gears, external splines and parts with a specific shape around the contour in the auto parts industry. The broach is installed and fixed in a cylindrical tool holder, and the workpiece is pulled by the pushing mechanism to complete the external tooth broaching. The machine tool has a simple structure with high efficiency and precision, and completes all processing at one time. It replaces the traditional machining methods such as milling, inserting, planing, shaving, and hobbing for external gears and external splines.

    The installation method of this machine tool is divided into floor installation and embedded installation. The machine tool is hydraulically driven and operated through a human-machine interface with stepless speed regulation. This equipment can be divided into three operating modes: fully automatic cycle mode, semi-automatic, and manual regulation.

     The broaching machine can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices optionally (truss manipulator or joint robot)


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