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External groove broaching machine


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External groove broaching machine

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Detailed introduction

     In traditional techniques all external grooves are machined by milling, while for three grooves uniformly distributed on gear hubs, the broaching technique achieves forming by one-time broaching. Compared with milling technique, broaching can reach higher accuracy class and exhibits better dimensional consistency. This broaching machine is a special external groove broaching machine.

Cutting speed: 1.5m-10m/min:1.5m-10m/min

Tensile force: 200KN

Stroke of broaching machine: 2000mm:2000mm

The clamps of parts are specially designed and manufactured by our factory for users.

This broaching machine is applicable to the machining range as follows:

Outer diameter of parts: 40-200mm

Groove width: Bmax=20mm

Groove depth: Hmax=15mm

However, if the above range is exceeded, we can also provide you with satisfactory machine tools.


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