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CNC Double Servo Internal Broaching Machine

Model:LSG557 Series

Products Time:2019-07-24


CNC Double Servo Internal Broaching Machine

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Detailed introduction

    Compared with the traditional single-screw servo broaching machine, the force is more reasonable, the two force-bearing screw and the processing center are in the same plane, without overturning moment, less vibration in broaching process, and more stable in long-term use. The machine tool is more rigid and the whole weight is heavier. The servo broaching machine is closed-loop controlled by servo motor encoder and grating. The synchronization of the two screw is controlled within 0.01 mm.

    Compared with the double-cylinder pull-up internal broaching machine, there is no hydraulic system, which eliminates periodic replacement of hydraulic oil and periodic replacement of seals. The improper replacement and aging of seals will lead to internal unloading of hydraulic system, slippery condition, serious pressure instability of the system, and unstable surface finish of products. Servo internal broaching machine is controlled by CNC system and driven by screw. There is no problem point of hydraulic system. The maintenance content is far less than that of hydraulic machine. It also covers a smaller area and is greener and environmentally friendly.


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