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Broaching machine for turbine disc and blade tongues and grooves


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Broaching machine for turbine disc and blade tongues and grooves

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Detailed introduction

   Turbine discs and blades are the uppermost products in aerospace industry and energy industry by means of broaching technology. The diameters of turbine discs vary, and there are radial tongues and grooves in the discs. The machining accuracy and surface roughness of tongues and grooves are very highly required, and all machining materials are high-temperature alloys and are very difficult to machine. Therefore, broaching is a very suitable and economical method.

1, This broaching machine is driven by hydraulic system and operates stably, and can realize stepless speed regulation. Automatic cutter-drawing machinery is equipped. The broaching machine has four working states, including automatic circulation, semi-automatic circulation, segmented circulation and manual operation. In the manual state work and return of main slide carriage as well as each single action can be operated independently.

2, The broaching machine is designed with large-span broaching force, which can be adjusted from 250KN to 1000KN. The broaching machine can broach a wide variety of parts, and hydraulic operation modes of the broaching machine are selected according to different parts.

3, PLC and control modules are adopted in the broaching machine to make up the CNC control mode. The broaching machine can work in both manual and automatic modes with convenience for operation. HMI is adopted for display, counting, alarm, displacement and fault diagnosis.

4, Full closed-loop CNC indexing method is adopted for this broaching machine, such indexing method can carry out continuous indexing and the rotating accuracy can be adjusted by feedback. A clamping device installed in indexing plate can locate and resist high overturning moment. Arc dovetail groove guide rails are adopted as platform guide rails, and full closed-loop position control is adopted for the platform so that the broaching machine achieves high accuracy.



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